Welcome to Burgundy, a French region steeped in history, charm, and, most importantly, gastronomic delights and its globally renowned wines. Nestled in the Central-East of France, Burgundy is known for its architectural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and, of course, its exceptional culinary richness that delights taste buds around the world.

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What to do in Burgundy?

Explore Burgundy

Renowned Vineyards: Burgundy is famous for its world-class vineyards, producing some of the most prestigious wines globally, such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Wine regions like the Côte d'Or are known for their exceptional vintages.

Historical Heritage: Burgundy is home to beautiful castles, abbeys, and cathedrals. The city of Dijon, the historical capital of the region, is renowned for its well-preserved medieval architecture.

Burgundy Canal: This UNESCO World Heritage-listed canal winds through the region, offering picturesque waterways surrounded by lush landscapes.

What to do in Burgundy in terms of culinary experiences?

Cooking Classes:

Immerse yourself further in Burgundy's culinary culture by participating in cooking classes. Learn the secrets of traditional Burgundian cuisine under the guidance of local chefs, from ingredient selection to the final presentation.

Wine Cellar Tours:

Explore the depths of Burgundian cellars during exciting tours. Discover the winemaking process, taste refined vintages straight from the barrels, and understand the art and science behind each bottle.

In conclusion, Burgundy is more than just a destination; it's a sensory experience. From rolling vineyards to culinary delights, this region takes you on a journey where every detail tells a story, and every flavor invokes centuries-old tradition. Come savor Burgundy, an invitation to discover the timeless delights of French gastronomy.

What are the iconic culinary specialties of Burgundy?

Beef Bourguignon: A traditional dish consisting of beef simmered in red Burgundy wine, with mushrooms, onions, and lardons. It's a comforting classic.

Coq au Vin:

Another iconic dish, coq au vin is a preparation of rooster slow-cooked in red wine, usually accompanied by mushrooms and onions.

Burgundy Snails:

Snails cooked in garlic and herb butter are a beloved delicacy in the region.


Burgundy is renowned for its cheeses, especially Epoisses, a creamy, soft cheese with an intense aroma.

Dijon Mustard:

World-famous Dijon mustard is a local specialty, often used in Burgundian cuisine to add a spicy flavor.


A popular aperitif made with crème de cassis and dry white wine, named after Canon Kir, a famous political and ecclesiastical figure from Dijon.

Burgundy is a region that combines rich cultural heritage with delicious cuisine, attracting enthusiasts of history, nature, and gastronomy.