If I tell you: Dax madeleines, duck breast, Adour kiwi, red label farm poultry, Adour salmon, what, or rather who do you think of? All these products are of course Landes specialities! Indeed, this small department in the south-west has a lot to offer you: Landes gastronomy is a multitude of flavors and emblematic products. You will certainly hear about the oysters from Lake Hossegor or the Landaise salad. In the moors, there is something for everyone and that's what we like!
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If you are more of a sweet tooth, we invite you to meet our passionate beekeepers for a honey tasting. Rather salty? Come and taste the famous foie gras from the South-West, something to delight your taste buds, we promise. Kweezine gives you the opportunity to meet our passionate hosts who are eager to share their universe and their know-how with you. As you will have understood, we have reserved many original activities for you to share with friends or family. So go for it, the moors are waiting for you!