Since 1935, Lyon has earned the title of "world capital of gastronomy". Lyonnaise cuisine has proven itself over the years thanks to its simplicity and authenticity. It has risen to the top, and for good reason, the city is associated with big names such as Paul Bocuse, Mathieu Viannay or Georges Blanc... Lyon is a rich and varied gastronomy, unpretentious, a cuisine of taste whose we could not do without.
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Lyonnais corks, Michelin-starred restaurants, world-famous specialties, Lyon alone represents a large part of French gastronomy! Kweezine therefore invites you to discover or rediscover the richness of this city during your stay. Cooking classes, Food Tour in the old quarters, tastings of local dishes, pastry classes, there will be something for everyone... We give you the opportunity to meet passionate craftsmen who are waiting for only one thing, share their know-how with you! Book your culinary experience directly on our website. An EVJF, a seminar or a birthday? All events deserve to be celebrated with dignity. We have no doubts about your talents, the famous quenelles, Lyonnais cushions or bugnes will no longer hold any secrets for you !