French Paris Brest pastry and Homemade Praline Workshop

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Join us for a delightful and interactive pastry workshop focused on crafting choux pastries enhanced with a crispy craquelin topping, hazelnut mousseline, and exquisite homemade praline. This pastry class has a range of objectives: delve into the art of preparing choux pastry, master the skill of piping with a pastry bag, expertly shape your choux, create a delicate natural craquelin to elevate their texture, and learn to make a hazelnut mousseline for filling your choux, which will be transformed into delicious Paris-Brest pastries. You'll also uncover the secrets of crafting your own homemade praline, a versatile ingredient for your future pastry creations, from choux to tarts. This workshop invites you to deepen your expertise or embark on a journey to learn the fundamental steps of this iconic choux pastry recipe.

Pastry class

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