Parent/child workshop: Pastry-making discovery

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- Please note: 1 place at €49 is equivalent to a parent/child pairing - Workshop reserved for children under 8 only. 👨‍🍳 Embark on a delightful family pastry adventure! Join me for a special one-hour parent-child class in my vibrant Bordeaux workshop. 🎉 Choose your sweet journey from crafting delicious cookies, fluffy muffins, or crispy shortbread when booking. As an enthusiastic pastry chef, I'll guide you through the magical world of pastry-making, creating moments of laughter and bonding. Unlock the secrets of the trade, craft personalized sweets, and indulge in unique creations. This workshop is not just about baking; it's an opportunity to strengthen family bonds and nurture the culinary talents of your aspiring little chef. Get ready for a sweet, enjoyable, and unforgettable experience! 🍪👩‍🍳 #FamilyBaking #ParentChildClass #TastyBordeaux

Pastry class

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