Discovery & tasting of Grands Crus olive oils in Bordeaux

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Embark on a culinary journey, where the scent of olive trees will transport you through a workshop dedicated to the tasting of exceptional vintage olive oils from several countries around the Mediterranean basin. Like an oenologist, I'll guide you along the paths of olive oil flavors, revealing everything you've always wanted to know about this product and teaching you the basics of the art of tasting. To complete this gustatory adventure, we'll explore a selection of balsamic vinegars, adding a refined touch to our sensory experience. We'll conclude this magnificent journey over a glass of wine, accompanied by aperitif delights such as tapenade, creating a convivial and delicious moment. Join me in this workshop where every drop of olive oil and every note of balsamic vinegar tells a story of tradition and passion. 🌿🍷 ✨ As a bonus, you'll be able to add shopping coupons and enjoy 10% off the entire store.

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