Gourmet gluten free Food tour in Paris

About this experience

The city of Paris has long been associated with traditional French pastries and breads, but the city is becoming THE place for gluten-free travelers looking for delicious alternatives. For those looking to experience the best of the Paris culinary scene without compromising their dietary restrictions, a gluten-free food tour is the must-do experience in Paris among the many high-quality gluten-free treats available in the french capital. We will start this gastronomic walk by tasting a delicious traditional pastry in a gluten-free bakery. Then we will go for a walk in an open-air farmers' market and discover the best fresh products and many regional specialties. We will then make a jump in the famous Marais district and visit beautiful gourmet shops to enjoy many tastings: caramel, cheese, charcuterie, chocolate.

Food Tour

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