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We all know the famous french sandwich “jambon-beurre” (ham & butter) or the one with chicken and raw vegetables, faithful companions for lunches on the go, and which we swallow without really savoring them. But did you know that this dish can also be a real moment of gourmet pleasure? With the “sandwiches world tour”, your guided tour of Bordeaux will turn into a trip around the globe for your taste buds, to discover this dish of which there are as many different recipes as there are destinations. During 4 hours, you will walk through the old town, listening to anecdotes told by your tour guide; you will meet enthusiasts chefs who put all their heart into their gourmet creations; and you’ll discover the origins and stories that make each of these sandwiches cultural symbols of their country. A total of 5 destinations await you during this journey, so don’t forget your passport!

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