Wine tasting in Château Boutinet

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Embark on an unforgettable oenological adventure at the heart of Château Boutinet, where a 1-hour 15-minute tour will immerse you in our history, exciting projects, and, of course, the magic of our wines. 📜 A Journey Through History: Discover the centuries of history that shape Château Boutinet over the years. Our guide will unveil the stories that have marked our lands, our current and future projects, and the secrets hidden behind each bottle. 🍇 From Vines to Organic Farming: Dive into the art of viticulture with a detailed explanation of our vineyards. Explore our transition to organic farming, a key step that gives our wines their distinctive character and authentic expression of the terroir. 🍷 Tasting in Three Acts: Conclude your tour with an immersive tasting of our 3 iconic wines. Each sip is an invitation to savor the very essence of Château Boutinet. Appreciate the richness of flavors, the complex aromas, and let yourself be carried away by the elegance of our creations.

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