Who has never dreamed of being able to try their hand at the art of mixology for an evening, a night or a day? Admiring the precision and quality of the gestures of the professional bartenders and barmaids of your favorite cocktail bars? Kweezine invites you to make your dream come true by taking part in cocktail classes and culinary workshops alongside our passionate partners! The opportunity to experiment with the discipline during a mixology workshop, to understand the basic notions and, why not, then to make your own cocktails at home. What to impress more than one! Share a playful moment in the company of your other half, your friends or alone, taking advantage of the advice of our partner mixologists.
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Discover the art of mixology thanks to a festive and friendly workshop !

There's nothing like a cocktail party to combine conviviality, knowledge and pleasure! Whether you are more classic, looking for the mastery of legendary cocktails and the main alcohols and spirits or more adventurous, you will find what you are looking for in the range of choices that we offer. Do you dream of mastering bitters, liqueurs and fresh fruit juices during a workshop? Your knowledge is limited to the pina colada and the mojito?

At the end of this cocktail experience, the shaker will have no more secrets for you. Discover the demanding profession of professional mixologist, accompanied by our Kweezine partners! Alongside them, you will learn how to create the cocktail of your dreams according to your preferences. Combine the flavors of exotic rums with the aromas of homemade syrups, create your own exclusive recipes or how to make a tasty gin into a surprising cocktail, a true harmony of flavors. Our bartenders will teach you more about the origin of the ingredients used, the usefulness of the syrups, the history of the alcohols present as well as the origin of the cocktail. Let yourself be tempted by the experience and book now your mixology lessons available in the four corners of France: Bordeaux, Paris, Basque Country...

Don't hesitate to take a look at our cocktail workshop offers now, and stay tuned, so you don't miss any new proposals! You can also book a gift card directly on our website to offer the service of your choice to one of your loved ones.