Brunch & Tea-Time

Brunch is in vogue and it's a real trend of the moment. A common practice in some English-speaking countries that has gradually arrived in our country. A mixture of sweet and salty at the end of the morning or the beginning of the afternoon combining sweetness and greed. Do you want to offer your friends, colleagues or family a gourmet and convivial brunch? Kweezine has you covered with its brunch-loving culinary partners. Are you more of a lover of the British style, a fan of delicious tea time, accompanied by pastries, finger sandwiches, scones and muffins for afternoon tea? You will feel like you are at Buckingham Palace in this beautiful setting thanks to what Kweezine has prepared for you!

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A brunch or a tea-time to be closer and enjoy a privileged moment

What could be better than a hot drink to feel good, whether it's a hot chocolate at brunch time or a cup of black tea or brewed white tea at tea time, the comfort is the same. This shared time will delight the greediest among you who will certainly be satiated for a while. How about gathering young and old around a big glass of fresh fruit juice, cupcakes and just enjoying the moment? Our culinary partners have prepared something for you to make your brunch or afternoon tea a real sweet break.

Thanks to Kweezine, come and discover the best tea rooms and brunches in Bordeaux, a trip that will cost you less than a ticket to London. You are more of a vegetable, family, Californian or Scandinavian brunch, everything is possible on Kweezine, our pastries are just waiting to be tasted. So do not hesitate and book your activity quickly on our Kweezine website. Our partners are ready to offer you your place in the most beautiful, biggest and best brunches and tea rooms in your city. Something to make people around you jealous. We offer you quality choices throughout France... the choice is yours!