Do you need a cup of coffee to get your day off to a good start? As for many French people, it’s that nice cup of hot coffee and its comforting smell that really makes you want to get out of bed. For all you coffee lovers out there, Kweezine has the perfect thing for you! Enjoy a host of sensations and flavours with our workshops, in which you’ll explore the journey of coffee, its history, its origins, the secrets of traditional roasting and the principles of roasting. You'll learn everything there is to know about the characteristics and the world of speciality coffee! This two-hour introductory coffee workshop is perfect for coffee enthusiasts, and an original workshop idea that your friends or family are sure to love.
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The opportunity to understand your preferences by learning from coffee professionals.

With tastings and hands-on activities included along the way, our roasters will be able to answer all your questions during these workshops created especially for you. Thanks to our artisan roasters, you’ll discover the history behind every coffee bean, and how important it is to choose traceable coffees from known origins.

After a tasting of their favourite speciality coffee during one of their workshops, drinking coffee will become a whole new experience for you! You’ll notice the smells, the flavours, the textures and the length of finish. You’ll be able to tell the difference between low-quality coffees and the best in the world, and you’ll understand the finesse and expertise that goes into successful roasting. With the expert tips from our enthusiastic baristas, you’ll be able to savour your next cup of coffee like a pro. In our introductory workshops, you’ll be able to carry out a tasting of a number of coffees that have been carefully selected just for you.

We offer workshops across France, in Bordeaux, Paris and the Basque Country, so you’re sure to be able to find something for you. Learning from our passionate partners during workshops is sure to inspire you to find out more about this art. Solo or in a group, amateurs or insiders: Kweezine offers you different workshops according to your level, your budget and your preferences!