Pastry class

Looking to perfect your pastry skills and become the next great French pastry chef? Look no further than Kweezine's pastry classes and workshops, available throughout France! With a wide range of talented pastry chefs teaching our classes, including Cyril Lignac, Cedric Grolet, and Christophe Michalak, we offer workshops in choux pastry, macarons, Paris-Brest, croissant, french tarts and more. Whether you prefer group classes or private, tailor-made lessons, we have the perfect option for you, no matter where you are in France. From classic recipes like lemon tart and french crêpes to innovative twists on traditional favorites, we'll provide you with all the tools you need to perfect your pastry skills. So why wait? Sign up for one of our pastry classes today and start baking like a pro!
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More like a sweet tooth? come and learn French pastry!

Croissants and other pastries, macaroons, Paris-Brest, chouquettes, éclairs, mille-feuille will of course be there! It's up to you to choose your destination throughout France: Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse and much more... Select the pastry course that will awaken the great pastry chef in you. Beginners, amateurs or experienced, children or adults, we have what you need, just for you! Are you looking for gluten-free baking lessons, with less sugar or with only seasonal fruits?

No worries, we have that too with Chefs specially made aware of these food issues. Are you preparing for a professional retraining? These workshops can also be used to prepare your pastry CAP. Kweezine gives you the unique opportunity to have an authentic culinary experience led by our talented hosts. Pastry lessons generally take place in a workshop, a culinary lab or in a cooking school. A significant opportunity to discover the backstage of a cooking school or a large establishment. An activity for all ages, fun, gourmet and original. So put on your apron and everyone in the kitchen for a pastry class!