Discover the street food trend with food trucks. Surprise your guests with a quality alternative, tailored to any budget, by opting for food truck rental. Kweezine offers a wide range of food truck partners in Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon, and the French Riviera, serving local and healthy meals.
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Privately hiring a food truck van for your events with Kweezine

In an era when street food is king, the food truck van is the latest trend. Straight from the USA, the popularity of food truck vans is well established; in every city you’ll see them wherever you look. These little mobile catering vans, each with its own particular style, can transport us elsewhere in a trice. All culinary desires can be catered for: delicious burgers made from high-quality steak, international cuisine, etc.

Everyone agrees that the local products showcased by these mobile restaurants are of the highest quality. All your needs can be met by privately hiring a food truck van: simple, trendy and effective, surprising your guests with a high quality street food option is the perfect solution. You will find the rare pearl you seek amongst our list of partners. Partners who offer high-quality flexible services that are suitable for both corporate meals and weddings, as well as all types of budget. Kweezine’s partners are enthusiastic artisans who are keen to promote the finest products (organic products, bread made using traditional methods, seasonal products, home-made ketchup, high-quality beef and veal, fresh-cut chips, veggie burgers ...) Because it is both original and unusual, and also because it provides an opportunity to diversify fast food’s image. We’re not talking about a simple burger here, but about a committed artisan who actually wants to share his/her culture, aspirations and enthusiasm with your guests. Meat and other products are cooked by the artisans directly in front of your guests, which adds a whole new dimension to the experience. Mobile restaurants never fail to produce a reaction. Such an immersive experience is a perfect opportunity to create togetherness and conviviality. Whether it involves traditional French cuisine or typical gourmet dishes from elsewhere in the world, the concept’s originality is popular; there are so many different styles. Your food truck’s presence will add that extra special something to your event.

To opt for high-quality street food, be sure to enquire about our food truck partners. Kweezine has a wide range of suggestions to offer you across Bordeaux, Paris, and the Basque Country. An ideal opportunity to meet our enthusiastic artisans around a good meal created from healthy local products.