Because here at Kweezine we also dream of the open sea, we offer you the opportunity to live beautiful iodized gastronomic experiences such as, for example, a visit to an oyster farm. You don't need to have sea legs to come and share a few moments with family, colleagues or friends, alongside fishermen, oyster farmers or professionals passionate about the environment. On the occasion of a unique experience, get together to learn more about the marine territory. Whether it is a visit or a tasting, our culinary hosts will share with you their contagious passion for molluscs, shellfish, crustaceans, as well as their techniques and know-how.
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A refreshing, delicious and fun experience.

We propose seafood activities that will give you an in-depth understanding of the world of aquaculture. You’ll have the opportunity to spend one or more hours in the company of oyster farmers, fishers and maritime professionals learning about their job and the aquatic environment they work in.

Our keen experts will share all their tips on harvesting seafood and artisan cooking methods. You’ll also learn more about marine plants and some incredible anecdotes from our enthusiastic partners. And that’s not all! They’ll also guide you through a tasting of their products, and in the production of recipes chosen especially for you.

The delicious taste of fish terrines, and the subtle flavour of farmed salmon and potted fish will all be unveiled. You’ll be an expert in seafood! Their products are sure to delight and surprise. So come and learn about their practices by booking your workshop now! Book your seafood activity and come and meet our professionals who love what they do. Individually or as a group, select the activity to suit you and come aboard for adventure. Kweezine has activites across France, in the capital, in Bordeaux, Nice, the Basque Country and more – all you have to do is choose!