Do you want to live a unique experience with hosts who take care of you? Choose the "table d'hôte" which is in line with the philosophy of "slow tourism" whose aim is to return to the course of the territories and to reconnect with one's origins, but also to allow encounters and to share during an evening a way of life totally different from one's own.
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Your host will propose you a menu which follows a pre-established formula, obviously you will be able to exchange with him so that this menu corresponds as well as possible to your waitings and desires. Most of the time, the meal will be taken in the company of the owner and his family, so this is a good way to meet people. A unique experience and a warm moment share! During these meals, we take the time to taste the gourmet cuisine of the region we are in, all in a family and friendly atmosphere. So what are you waiting for to book your stay with our hosts throughout France?