Tired of looking for hours for an original birthday gift idea for your loved ones? Don't panic, you've come to the right page. Here there will be experiences for all tastes. Offer a cocktail workshop to your friend so that he becomes the next party bartender. Instead, opt for an introductory workshop in Japanese cuisine for your uncle, who is always curious to discover new cultures. Stay classic and choose a French cooking class, a safe option, which, in terms of gifts, is always just as pleasant to receive. The meeting with the professionals of the trade, a chance to learn and to realize even from A to Z a recipe while being accompanied from A to Z during the activity.
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A birthday placed on the theme of conviviality and gluttony With Kweezine, it is possible to carry out many experiences, each more varied and enriching than the next. Whether it's a gift for someone or for yourself, it will be a successful birthday. You will be amazed while honoring the good food of our country.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet passionate craftsmen who will be able to tell you about their journeys, their stories and share their wise advice. Realizations of macaroons, fresh pasta, food tour in the streets of Paris, privatization of a food truck for a birthday day... In other words, everything is possible according to your preferences. Your loved ones will thank you. An activity that will be remembered, a friendly shared moment, a good atmosphere.