Do you want to treat your little ones and get them to cook together? You've come to the right place! The Kweezine team offers you a selection of activities and experiences around the kitchen, so that you can introduce them to cooking and baking techniques that will make them real little chefs! Do you want to treat your children to something different from traditional games? Kweezine gives you the opportunity! We offer several cooking classes and workshops that you can do with your children, but also in groups. Children will be guided by our experienced Chefs throughout the proposed experiences, in order to accompany them in their creations: learning, sharing and teaching will be the watchwords of these activities.
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For Kids

Everyone in the kitchen! Whether your children are already passionate about cooking or pastry-making, or simply want to try their hand at it for a workshop, you can allow them to take part in a group or duo course. The proposed culinary workshops are an original way for you to enjoy a special moment together, and for your little ones to enjoy a fun workshop with their friends: they'll want more, guaranteed.