DĂ©gustation insolite de vin: Le tonneau dans le vin

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Title: "Barrel in Wine: An Immersive Oenological Experience in the Heart of Bordeaux" Discover the fascinating world of wine right in the heart of Bordeaux with our exceptional tasting experience, "Barrel in Wine." Dive into a universe where the art of the barrel meets the richness of wine flavors for an hour-long exploration. Our adventure kicks off with a captivating presentation, complemented by an interactive mini-quiz. Explore the impact of the barrel on wine, its subtleties, and its essential role in the maturation process. A educational journey that will awaken your senses. Next, immerse yourself in an innovative tasting with our "infused wood tea," a surprising sensory experience that will reveal the subtle nuances of barrel maturation. A gustatory prelude that will prepare you for the main experience. The guided tasting of six wooded wines, served in 2cl portions, will lead you through a palette of woody flavors, with each sip unveiling the influence of the barrel on the wine's character. Appreciate the complexity of aromas and the depth of tastes throughout this sensory experience. Finally, conclude this oenological adventure with a Q&A session, where our experts will be delighted to share their knowledge and answer all your questions. "Barrel in Wine" promises a complete immersion into the art of wine and the barrel. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will awaken your palate and enhance your love for wine! 🍷🎉

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