French Lemon tarts Workshop

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This 100% lemon workshop will help you discover the full potential of this tangy fruit, which adds a touch of pep to your pastries. Not only delicious, but also beneficial to health, lemon is the ideal ingredient to give a unique flavor to your creations. On this program, you'll learn how to make two essential recipes: lemon meringue cabbage and lemon cake. The objectives of this workshop are multiple: to guide you step by step in the making of the choux pastry, to teach you to master the piping and baking of the chou, to initiate you in the preparation of a crispy cracker to cover the chou, and finally to teach you the secret of a lemon cream and an ultra-melting Swiss meringue. These desserts are among the great classics of French pastry-making, and you'll have the opportunity to master them to perfection.

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