French Brioche and Polish babka workshop in Bordeaux.

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Brioche and Polish babka brioche workshop in Bordeaux. This 100% brioche workshop invites you to experience a delicious and convivial culinary adventure, perfect for preparing delightful breakfasts and snacks. Discover all the facets of french brioche, in its various shapes and variations. The objectives of this baking class are manifold: to guide you step by step in making a soft brioche dough, to introduce you to brioche shaping techniques (from sugar-topped buns to brioche with a head, and even braiding), to assist you during the fermentation phase, and finally, to teach you the tricks for achieving a perfect bake. By participating in this workshop, you will refine your knowledge of these iconic bakery recipes and master the necessary techniques to reproduce them autonomously at home. With minimal equipment but quality ingredients, you will be able to delight your loved ones with homemade treats for breakfast or snack time.

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