Make your own French chocolate in Paris

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Discover the chemistry of chocolate, choose your favorite type (dark or milk?), learn how to conch it, handle a pastry bag like a pro and decorate your mini tablets with delicious organic seeds, fruits and cereals... This chocolate workshop is a true sensory journey for chocolate lovers. During this workshop, you will discover the chemistry of chocolate and learn how to handle it to create delicious treats. You will have the choice between dark and milk chocolate, depending on your preferences, and will learn how to conch it to bring out the flavors and aromas. You will also handle a pastry bag like a pro, allowing you to decorate your mini tablets with creativity and originality. You can embellish your creations with delicious organic seeds, fruits, and cereals for even more flavor. This is the opportunity to let your imagination run wild and create unique chocolates that reflect your personality. The chocolate workshop is an unforgettable experience for chocolate lovers. You will dis

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